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Welcome to UNMC
Hello im sophie, leader and founder of this wonderful division, i hope you enjoy your stay if you decide to apply to us :)

To the left you will find our latest posts and also our newest members :P

To the right you will find the polls where i will put a question in every now and then just vote your opinion, some of the questions will be about this crew/platoon, you will also find the time zone this is UK time zone, unfortunately i cant put more than one

And finally underneath this text you will find the calender this will show you if there are any events upcoming soon, you can also do this by clicking on the events tab above, and also there is a Whats New section, which will tell you anything that has happened to this site recently :)

Now finally at the top of the page there are 6 tabs, Home will just bring you back here, forums is where you the members of this fine division can communicate to each other ask questions, you should be able to post your own forums section but be sure to post it in the appropriate areas, if you can not create a forum then let me know and i will try to fix that, be sure to check the forums back recently, News is just to bring you the latest info about the division, Check the roster for what members are in the division, Events i spoke about above and Activities is just telling you about what has happened recently exactly the same as the Whats New section.

Now if you are in the BF4 platoon be sure to use the B4 tab in the top left to go to the BF4 page, and the GV for the GTA V crew page

Links: - BF4 - }

Spec Ops is the Elite unit in UNMC, they are looked up to by all divisions and are highly trained, they are trained in many professions but to list a few are:

Hostage Rescue
Escape and Evasion
Long range sniping
Concealment - }

The air force are there to provide air support for the ground units if requested, they also insert and extract troops via Black Bird ( ANNIHILATOR ) HUEY ( VALKYRIE ) or by Chinook ( CARGO BOB ) The troops can also be inserted via C-130 ( TITAN ) and they will parachute down to their mission area. Some of the things they do are:

Dog Fighting
Inserting and Extracting
CAS ( Close Air Support )
Maintain security in Sandy Shores - }

The infantry is the backbone of UNMC, they are basic soldiers but well trained, their job is to be inserted by sea, air or land and then once being inserted start patrolling to their mission objective, when that objective has been achieved then they will be extracted by sea, air or land. Some of the things the infantry do are:

Extraction - }

The navy is masters of the ocean, they deal with taking troops to a insertion area, patrolling the oceans, chasing and engaging any unknown vessels and also extract troops. Some of the things they do are:

(Temporarily Disbanded)

Shooting while on a boat
Inserting and Extracting troops
Patrolling the waters
Engaging unknown vessels -

UN Military Police is the newest addition to the crew, they are tasked with protecting UNMC territory and maintaining order and security within the crew, some of the things they do are:

Protecting UNMC territory ( Sandy Shores )
Dealing with any arguments between members
Arresting any members or intruders who are posing a threat to the crew
If necessary calling Spec Ops for back up

Helpful Links: - RULES - GEAR - UNIFORM - TRAINING - DIVISION HQ's - Members Roster

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